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Mastering Advanced Git by Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund

posted 27 Mar 2023 in Books and Videos

Mastering Advanced Git It was almost a year ago when I had a pleasure to review Mastering Git by Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund. Today, thanks to O’Reilly, I can take a look at its successor - Mastering Advanced Git.

Just as a reminder: I really liked the first part. But I simply loved the new one! It covers Git details in very thorough way. And, what is perhaps even more important, it leads you through them in extremely straightforward manner.

In all advanced topic discussions, there is always one important issue to solve. Considering a large number of possible topics, which should we choose? Matthew and Tim decided to talk about pull and push options, rerere, methods of moving a code outside the repo, orphan branches and refspecs. Some of them are just switches to configure and (almost) forget. Although, I personally found patches, bundles and refspecs the most valuable, because these have a lot of possible use cases during the whole development and code management cycle. Nevertheless, all of the topics are well prepared. It obvious that both teachers are professionals in Git.

In terms of technical quality, I haven’t found any differences. Both video and sound are still very high quality.

Listening to Matthew and Tim is simply a pleasure. I strongly recommend it for everyone who wants to polish his or her Git skills.

Just a short disclaimer at the end: Although I referenced to Mastering Git a few times, I need to mention that Mastering Advanced Git is a separate product. You do not need to watch the first part to benefit from the Mastering Advanced Git. If you feel comfortable with Git on intermediate level, do not hesitate and go straight to the most advanced one.

O’Reilly Product Page: McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Advanced Git

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